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San Francisco, California.
In the end of January I flew to the United States for the first time and what better destination then San Francisco! It was definitely one of those destinations on my list of places I always wanted to visit. Especially when my sister went a couple months ago and showed me her stunning pictures..
Unfortunately we just stayed for three days but we made the best out of it and now as I'm back I have to admit it was the best short trip ever.

We started our Journey in Munich, an almost 12 h flight  to San Francisco. Since we arrived very late (I think approximately eight o'clock local time) we didn't do very much. We went out for an half an hour, grabbed some food and then returned to our hotel at the Fisherman's Wharf because we were so tired and exhausted of the flight.

Lombart Street at Night

The next day we woke up really early and rented a car to get around San Francisco. We wanted to catch the sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge so we drove to Sausalitos and searched for the perfect spot which wasn't actually so easy..

Beautiful sunrise

 After a  photo session and a quick stop at a cafe in Sausalito we continued our road trip to Stinson Beach. I was so impressed by the ocean  that I had to literally sit back and enjoy the view.
I was speechless! I think it's crazy to take a plane and be in a completely different environment just a couple hours away from home.. Since we were in San Francisco just for such a short time it's hard to realize where you actually are. It sounds so weird I know 🙈

Stinson Beach

Our next stop was South Beach Point Reyes. When we arrived I actually thought we were in Scotland or Ireland.. I've never been to Ireland or Scotland before but that's how I would imagine it. Super green grass, cliffs and the ocean.
We got there for whale watching but unfortunately we couldn't find any :( Instead we saw some sea cows.

Quick stop on our Roadtrip

After a quick stop at the lighthouse we made our way through the traffic jam back  to the city. I think this was one of my first proper road trips and I couldn't ask for a better one!
Back in the city we got some food, took a cable car back to our hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day.


And the last day in San Francisco :( We got up really early again, first of all because we were jetlaged as hell and secondly it's so much better for sightseeing/exploring the city. You have so much more time for the day and as we had a sort of 'time limit' we could do more things on one day.
We decided to go out and have some real american breakfast at IHOP. It was super delicious and just around the corner!

Our colleagues told us that we should check out the hop on - hop off bus tour so we got a ticket at Fisherman's Wharf  and got on.

Skyline at Fisherman's Wharf
Pier 39 with Alcatraz in the back :)

This is was one of the best decision! You get around so easily and see all the sights/monuments in town.
First stop was, again, the Golden Gate Bridge. We simply had to come back and take a few pictures 'cause the bridge is too impressive not to do so ;) After quick photo session and souvenir shopping we got to our next stop and visited the 'pink ladies'. The 'pink ladies' are actually these victorian houses you imagine when you think of San Francisco.

'Pink ladies' and the Skyline of San Francisco

Last stop on the bus trip was Union Square. We got some real american hotdogs, enjoyed the sun and our last hours in San Francisco. I'm actually flying back in a couple weeks which I'm super exited about. I fell in love with the city instanly. I mean how can you not.. ..;)
Union Square
 ↪Next stop Chicago

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